Higher Education Support Act 2003

Chapter 3 - Assistance to students  


Division 118 - Who is entitled to OS-HELP assistance?  

SECTION 118-15   Selection of students for receipt of OS-HELP assistance and supplementary amounts for Asian language study  


The OS-HELP Guidelines may set out principles and procedures that higher education providers must follow in deciding whether to select students for receipt of *OS-HELP assistance or *supplementary amounts for Asian language study.


Any decision by a higher education provider whether to select a student for receipt of *OS-HELP assistance or a *supplementary amount for Asian language study must be made in accordance with the OS-HELP Guidelines.

Without limiting the matters that may be included in the OS-HELP Guidelines made for the purposes of subsection (3), those guidelines may deal with:

(a) the number of its students whom higher education providers may select for receipt of *OS-HELP assistance or *supplementary amounts for Asian language study; or

(b) how that number is to be determined.

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