Higher Education Support Act 2003

Chapter 2 - Grants for higher education assistance etc  


Division 54 - In what circumstances may a grant be reduced or required to be repaid?  

SECTION 54-5   54-5   Appropriateness of requiring reduction or repayment of grant  
Without limiting the matters that the Minister may consider in deciding whether it is appropriate under subsection 54-1(1) to take particular action, the Minister may consider any or all of the following matters:

(a) whether the breach is of a minor or major nature;

(b) whether the breach has occurred before and, if so, how often;

(ba) if the breach is a breach of a condition imposed under section 19-37 - the amount of any adjustment under section 33-37 in relation to that breach, or any other breach by the body, during the same year;

(c) if the body is a higher education provider-the impact that the breach may have on the body's students;

(d) if the body is a higher education provider - the impact of the breach on the higher education provided by the body;

(e) the impact of the breach on Australia's reputation as a provider of high quality higher education;

(f) any other matter set out in the Reduction and Repayment Guidelines.

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