Higher Education Support Amendment (No. 1) Act 2011 (72 of 2011)

Schedule 1  

Higher Education Support Act 2003

23   At the end of Subdivision 3-B of Schedule 1A


12A Conditions of approval

(1) The Minister may impose conditions on a body corporate’s approval as a *VET provider. Such conditions need not be imposed at the time notice of approval is given to the provider.

(2) The Minister may vary a condition imposed under subsection (1).

12B Minister to cause VET provider to be notified of change in condition of approval

The Minister must, within 30 days of his or her decision to impose or vary a condition on a *VET provider, cause the provider to be notified, in writing, of:

(a) the decision; and

(b) the reasons for the decision; and

(c) the period for which the condition is imposed.