Higher Education Support Amendment (Job-Ready Graduates and Supporting Regional and Remote Students) Act 2020 (93 of 2020)

Schedule 4   Student protection

Part 1   Amendments commencing 1 January 2021

Division 1   Amendments

Higher Education Support Act 2003
26   Subsection 104-1(1A)

Repeal the subsection, substitute:

(1AA) A student is not entitled to *FEE-HELP assistance for a unit of study if the *Secretary determines that the student is not a genuine student in relation to the unit.

(1AB) In determining whether a student is a genuine student for the purposes of subsection (1AA), the *Secretary must have regard to the matters (if any) specified in the Higher Education Provider Guidelines.

(1AC) If a determination under subsection (1AA) is made in writing, the determination is not a legislative instrument.