Taxation Ruling

TR 95/31W

Income tax: the operation of section 80E, section 50D, section 63C and section 80F

FOI status:

May be released


Taxation Ruling TR 95/31 is withdrawn with effect from today.

It is replaced by Taxation Ruling TR 1999/9 entitled:

Income tax: the operation of sections 165-13 and 165-210, paragraphs 165-35(b), section 165-126 and section 165-132, which issued today.

Commissioner of Taxation
23 June 1999


ATO references:
NO 99/4295-5; 95/8189-3

ISSN 1039-0731
TR 95/31W history
  Date: Version: Change:
  30 August 1995 Original ruling  
You are here 23 June 1999 Withdrawn