Class Ruling

CR 2010/14A1 - Addendum

Income tax: Seven Group Holdings Limited - Transferable Extendable Listed Yield Shares 4


This Addendum is a public ruling for the purposes of the Taxation Administration Act 1953. It amends Class Ruling CR 2010/14 to reflect an amendment to the TELYS4 Terms that provides for the Conversion of the TELYS4.

CR 2010/14 is amended as follows:

1. Paragraph 9

(a) At the end of bullet point 5; omit ' and'.

(b) At the end of bullet point '6'; insert ';'.

(c) After bullet point 6; insert:

TELYS4 Terms as amended and approved by the requisite majority of votes cast on the Resolution by TELYS4 Holders present and voting at the Meeting of 24 September 2018 either in person or by proxy (Amended TELYS4 Terms); and
correspondence and explanatory material from SGH associated with the above Amended TELYS4 Terms.

2. Paragraph 26

After the paragraph; insert:

26A. Pursuant to Clause 3.11 of the Amended TELYS4 Terms:

on 27 September 2018 (the First Conversion Date) SGH Converted all the TELYS4 that were held by a Holder at 25 September 2018, 7pm (the First Conversion Record Date) which were not validly elected for sale on the ASX under the Partial Cash Exit Opportunity that was available under clause 3.11; and
on 4 October 2018 (the Second Conversion Date) SGH Converted all remaining TELYS4 that were held by a Holder at 2 October 2018, 7pm (the Second Conversion Record Date).

26B. Conversion is defined at paragraph 23 of this Ruling. A Conversion of a TELYS4 under clause 3.11 results in the Holder now holding one SGH share plus an allotment of 3.60645 additional SGH shares for each TELYS4 so Converted and rank equally with all other fully paid SGH shares then on issue.

26C. Where the total number of additional SGH shares to be allotted to a Holder on Conversion of their TELYS4 under clause 3.11 includes a fraction, that fraction will be disregarded.

26D. As a result of the application of clause 3.11, there are no more TELYS4 on issue in SGH as they all became SGH shares pursuant to their Conversion and rank equally with all other fully paid SGH shares then on issue.

3. References

Omit all Subject references.

This Addendum applies on and from 25 September 2018.

Commissioner of Taxation
10 October 2018


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