Goods and Services Tax Determination

GSTD 2006/4A1 - Addendum

Goods and services tax: government entities and the margin scheme - does item 4 in the table in subsection 75-10(3) apply if real property was vested for no consideration in a government department or agency on or after 1 July 2000 but was held by another department or agency of the Commonwealth or the same State or Territory since before 1 July 2000?


This Addendum is a public ruling for the purposes of the Taxation Administration Act 1953. It amends Goods and Services Tax Determination GSTD 2006/4 to update the Date of Effect section to reflect the amendments within the Tax Laws Amendment (2010 GST Administration Measures No. 2) Act 2010 which came into effect on 1 July 2010.

GSTD 2006/4 is amended as follows :

1. Paragraphs 11 and 12

Omit the paragraphs; substitute:

11. This Determination applies [to tax periods commencing] both before and after its date of issue. However, this Determination will not apply to taxpayers to the extent that it conflicts with the terms of a settlement of a dispute agreed to before the date of issue of this Determination (see paragraphs 75 and 76 of Taxation Ruling TR 2006/10).

2. Related Rulings/Determinations

Omit 'GSTR 1999/1'; substitute 'TR 2006/10'.

3. Legislative references

- TAA 1953 37
- TAA 1953 Sch 1 Div 358

This Addendum applies on and from 1 July 2010.

Commissioner of Taxation
31 October 2012


ATO references:
NO 1-409EPDL

ISSN: 1443-5179