Customs Act 1901


Division 4EA - Exportation of goods to Parties to the Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations Plus  

SECTION 126AKH   POWER TO ASK QUESTIONS   Power to ask questions

An authorised officer may require a person who is an exporter or producer of goods that:

(a)  are exported to a Party; and

(b)  are claimed to be originating goods, in accordance with Chapter 3 of the Agreement, for the purpose of obtaining a preferential tariff in the Party;

to answer questions in order to verify the origin of the goods.


Failing to answer a question when required to do so by an officer may be an offence: see section 243SA . However, a person does not have to answer a question if doing so would tend to incriminate the person: see section 243SC .

Disclosing answers to Pacific Islands customs official

An authorised officer may, for the purpose of verifying a claim for a preferential tariff in a Party, disclose any answers to such questions to a Pacific Islands customs official for that Party.

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