Customs Act 1901


Division 2 - Valuation of Imported Goods  


161(1)   [Imported goods]  

The transaction value of imported goods is an amount equal to the sum of their adjusted price in their import sales transaction and of their price related costs to the extent that those costs have not been taken into account in determining the price of the goods.

161(2)   [Definitions]  

In this section:

"adjusted price"
, in relation to imported goods, means the price of the goods determined by a Collector who deducts from the amount that, but for this subsection, would be the amount of that price, such amounts as the Collector considers necessary to take account of the following matters:

(a) deductible financing costs in relation to the goods;

(b) any costs that the Collector is satisfied:

(i) are payable for the assembly, erection, construction or maintenance of, or any technical assistance in respect of, the goods;

(ii) are incurred after importation of the goods into Australia; and

(iii) are capable of being accurately quantified by reference to the import sales transaction relating to the goods;

(c) Australian inland freight and Australian inland insurance in relation to the goods;

(d) deductible administrative costs in relation to the goods;

(e) overseas freight and overseas insurance in relation to the goods.

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