Customs Act 1901


Division 1 - Powers of officers  

Subdivision JA - Powers to monitor and audit - Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement  



The Comptroller-General of Customs may, by writing, authorise an officer to enter premises, and to exercise AUSFTA verification powers in or on premises, for the purposes of this Subdivision.

214BAD(2)   Who may be authorised to be a verification officer.  

The Comptroller-General of Customs must not do so unless the Comptroller-General of Customs is satisfied that the officer is suitably qualified, because of the officer ' s abilities and experience, to exercise AUSFTA verification powers.

214BAD(3)   Form of authorisation.  

An authorisation may apply:

(a) generally; or

(b) during a specified period; or

(c) in or on specified premises; or

(d) during a specified period in or on specified premises.

214BAD(4)   AUSFTA verification powers to be used only as authorised.  

This Subdivision does not allow:

(a) an officer who is authorised to enter premises and exercise AUSFTA verification powers during a specified period to enter the premises or exercise the powers at a time outside that period; or

(b) an officer who is authorised to enter specified premises and to exercise AUSFTA verification powers in or on the premises to enter other premises or to exercise the powers in or on the other premises.

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