Customs Act 1901


Division 3 - Recovery of Pecuniary Penalties for Dealings in Narcotic Goods  


243J(1)   [Restraining order against property]  

Where the Court makes, in relation to a proceeding (in this section referred to as the ``relevant proceeding'') for the recovery of a pecuniary penalty from a person, a restraining order against property, upon the making of the order, there is created, by force of this section, a charge, on all the property to which the order relates, to secure the payment to the Commonwealth of any pecuniary penalty that the person may be ordered to pay in the relevant proceeding.

243J(2)   [Charge ceases to have effect]  

Where a charge is created by subsection (1) on any property of a person upon the making of a restraining order, the charge ceases to have effect in respect of the property -

(a) upon the order ceasing to apply to the property by reason of the variation or revocation of the order; or

(b) upon the determination of the relevant proceeding by way of the refusal of the Court to make an order for the payment of a pecuniary penalty by the person; or

(c) upon payment by the person of any pecuniary penalty that he or she has been ordered to pay in the relevant proceeding; or

(d) upon the person becoming a bankrupt; or

(e) upon the sale or other disposition of the property -

(i) in pursuance of a direction of the Court under section 243G; or

(ii) by the owner of the property with the consent of the Court or of the Official Trusteee; or

(f) upon the sale of the property to a bona fide purchaser for value who, at the time of purchase, has no notice of the charge,

whichever first occurs.

243J(3)   [Charge on property]  

The charge created on property by subsection (1) -

(a) is subject to every charge or encumbrance to which the property was subject immediately before the order was made;

(b) has priority over all other encumbrances whatsoever; and

(c) subject to subsection (2), is not affected by any change of ownership of the property.

243J(4)   [Registration of charge]  

Where a charge is created by subsection (1) on property of a particular kind and the provisions of any law of the Commonwealth or of a State or Territory provide for the registration of title to, or charges over, property of that kind, the Official Trustee or the person who applied for the restraining order against that property may cause the charge so created to be registered under the provisions of that law and, if the Official Trustee or the person who applied for the restraining order, as the case may be, does so, a person who purchases or otherwise acquires the property after the registration of the charge shall, for the purposes of subsection (2), be deemed to have notice of the charge.

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