Part IAB - Controlled operations  

Division 1 - Preliminary  

SECTION 15GG   AAT Minister may nominate AAT members  

The Minister administering the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975 (the AAT Minister ) may, by writing, nominate a person who holds one of the following appointments to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to deal with applications under subsection 15GU(1) (which deals with extending authorities for controlled operations beyond 3 months):

(a) Deputy President;

(b) senior member (of any level);

(c) member (of any level).

(d) (Repealed by No 60 of 2015)

Despite subsection (1), the AAT Minister must not nominate a person who holds an appointment as a part-time senior member or a member of the Tribunal unless the person:

(a) is enrolled as a legal practitioner of the High Court, of another federal court or of the Supreme Court of a State or of the Australian Capital Territory; and

(b) has been so enrolled for not less than 5 years;

A nomination ceases to have effect if:

(a) the nominated Tribunal member ceases to hold an appointment described in subsection (1); or

(b) the AAT Minister, by writing, withdraws the nomination.

A nominated Tribunal member has, in relation to the performance or exercise of a function or power conferred on a nominated Tribunal member by this Act, the same protection and immunity as a Justice of the High Court has in relation to proceedings in the High Court.

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