Part IABA - Integrity testing  

Division 1 - Introduction  

SECTION 15JA   15JA   Integrity testing - simplified outline  

The following is a simplified outline of this Part:

This Part provides for the authorisation of operations (called integrity testing operations) that are designed to test the integrity of staff members of the Australian Crime Commission, the Australian Federal Police and the Immigration and Border Protection Department, using controlled or simulated situations.

Operations can be authorised only if there is a reasonable suspicion that a staff member has committed, is committing or is likely to commit an offence punishable on conviction by imprisonment for 12 months or more.

Authorisations for integrity testing operations may form the basis for the authorisation of controlled operations under Part IAB .

Integrity testing operations may be authorised by the agency concerned, or (if a corruption issue is involved) the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity. Law enforcement officers and others may take part.

Participants in integrity testing operations are indemnified against civil liability in relation to the conduct of the operations in accordance with the authorisations concerned.

Information relating to an integrity testing operation may only be disclosed for the purposes of disciplinary or legal action in relation to the staff member concerned, or a number of related purposes.

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