Part IACA - Witness identity protection for operatives  

Division 3 - Mutual Recognition under Corresponding Laws  

SECTION 15MW   15MW   Recognition of witness identity protection certificates under corresponding laws  

The following provisions apply, with any necessary changes, to a corresponding witness identity protection certificate as if it were a witness identity protection certificate given under section 15ME :

(a) section 15MH (filing and notification);

(b) section 15MI (leave for non-compliance);

(c) section 15MJ (effect of witness identity protection certificate);

(d) section 15MK (orders to protect operative's identity etc);

(e) section 15ML (disclosure of operative's identity to presiding officer);

(f) section 15MM (disclosure of operative's identity etc despite certificate);

(g) section 15MN (application for leave - joinder as respondent);

(h) section 15MO (directions to jury);

(i) section 15MP (adjournment for appeal decision);

(j) section 15MS (disclosure offences);

(k) section 15MT (evidentiary certificates).

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