Part IB - Sentencing, imprisonment and release of federal offenders  

Division 4 - The fixing of non-parole periods and the making of recognizance release orders  

SECTION 19AH   Failure to fix non-parole period or make recognizance release order  

Where a court fails to fix, or properly to fix, a non-parole period, or to make, or properly to make, a recognizance release order, under this Act:

(a) that failure does not affect the validity of any sentence imposed on a person; and

(b) the court must, at any time, on application by the Attorney-General, the Director of Public Prosecutions or the person, by order, set aside any non-parole period or recognizance release order that was not properly fixed or made and fix a non-parole period or make a recognizance release order under this Act.

A court shall not, for the purposes of subsection (1), be taken to have failed to fix a non-parole period in respect of a sentence or sentences in respect of which it has made a recognizance release order or to have failed to make a recognizance release order in respect of a sentence or sentences in respect of which it has fixed a non-parole period.

Application under subsection (1) to the court that has sentenced a person may be dealt with by that court whether or not it is constituted in the way in which it was constituted when the person was sentenced.

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