Part IB - Sentencing, imprisonment and release of federal offenders  

Division 5 - Conditional release on parole or licence  

Subdivision A - Release on parole or licence  

SECTION 19AMA   Release on parole - parole period  

For the purposes of this Part, the parole period for a person for whom a parole order has been made is the period starting in accordance with subsection (2) and ending in accordance with subsection (3).


A person released on parole must comply with any conditions of the parole order during the parole period (see sections 19AN and 19AU ).

The person ' s parole period starts at the earlier of the following times:

(a) when the person is released from prison on parole;

(b) if the person is serving a State or Territory sentence at the time the parole order is made - when the person certifies on the parole order (or a copy of the order) that he or she accepts the conditions to which the order is subject.

The person ' s parole period ends:

(a) at the end of the last day of any federal sentence that is, on the day of the release, being served or to be served (after deducting any remission or reduction that is applicable); or

(b) if the person has been given a federal life sentence - at the later of the following times:

(i) 5 years after the person is released from prison on parole in accordance with section 19AM ;

(ii) the end of a later day (if any) specified in the parole order for the purposes of this subparagraph (not being a day earlier than 5 years after the person ' s expected release from prison in accordance with the order).

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