Part IB - Sentencing, imprisonment and release of federal offenders  

Division 5 - Conditional release on parole or licence  

Subdivision B - Revocation of parole order or license  

SECTION 19AU   Attorney-General may revoke parole order or licence  

The Attorney-General may, by instrument in writing, revoke a parole order or licence at any time before the end of the parole period or licence period:

(a) if the offender has, during that period, failed to comply with a condition of the order or licence; or

(b) if there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that the offender has, during that period, so failed to comply;

and the instrument of revocation must specify the condition that was breached or is suspected of having been breached.

Before revoking a parole order or a licence, the Attorney-General must, subject to subsection (3), by notice in the prescribed form, notify the person to whom the order or licence relates of:

(a) the condition of the order or licence alleged to have been breached; and

(b) the fact that the Attorney-General proposes to revoke the order or licence at the end of 14 days after the day the notice is issued unless the person, within that period, gives the Attorney-General written reasons why the order or licence should not be revoked and those reasons are accepted by the Attorney-General.

Subsection (2) does not apply where:

(a) the person's whereabouts are and remain, after reasonable inquiries on behalf of the Attorney-General, unknown to the Attorney-General; or

(b) there are circumstances of urgency that, in the opinion of the Attorney-General, require the parole order or licence to be revoked without notice being given to the person; or

(c) the person has left Australia; or

(d) in the opinion of the Attorney-General it is necessary, in the interests of the administration of justice, to revoke the parole order or licence without giving notice to the person.

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