Part IB - Sentencing, imprisonment and release of federal offenders  

Division 6 - Unfitness to be tried  

SECTION 20BD   Review by Attorney-General  

Where a court makes an order under subsection 20BC(2) , the Attorney-General must, at least once in each period of 6 months after the day the person is detained under the order, consider whether or not the person should be released from detention.

In considering whether the person should be released from detention the Attorney-General:

(a) must obtain and consider:

(i) a report from a duly qualified psychiatrist or psychologist; and

(ii) a report from another duly qualified medical practitioner; and

(b) may obtain and consider such other reports as the Attorney-General considers necessary; and

(c) must take into account any representations made to the Attorney-General by the person or on the person's behalf.

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