Part IAA - Search, information gathering, arrest and related powers (other than powers under delayed notification search warrants)  

Division 3A - Powers in relation to terrorist acts and terrorism offences  

Subdivision CA - Reporting on exercise of powers under this Division  

SECTION 3UJA   Report after powers are exercised  

As soon as practicable after the exercise of a power or powers by an AFP police officer (or officers) under Subdivision B in relation to an incident, the Commissioner must give a report to the following:

(a) the Minister;

(b) the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor;

(c) the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security.

The report must state, in relation to the incident:

(a) the number of instances when an AFP police officer (or officers) exercised a power under section 3UE, 3UEA or 3UF; and

(b) the circumstances in which an AFP police officer (or officers) exercised powers under section 3UC or 3UD.

Note: The nature of these powers is as follows:

  • (a) for section 3UC - requirement to provide names etc.;
  • (b) for section 3UD - stopping and searching;
  • (c) for section 3UE - seizure of terrorism related items and serious offence related items;
  • (d) for section 3UEA - emergency entry to premises without a warrant;
  • (e) for section 3UF - seizure notices.
  • (3)  

    AFP police officer

    is a member or a special member of the Australian Federal Police (within the meaning of the Australian Federal Police Act 1979 ).

    Note: AFP police officers are police officers within the meaning of this Division (see section 3UA).

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