Part IAA - Search, information gathering, arrest and related powers (other than powers under delayed notification search warrants)  

Division 4A - Determining a person's age  

Subdivision A - Preliminary  

SECTION 3ZQA   Definitions  


In this Division:

age determination information
means a record, or information, relating to a person that is obtained by carrying out a prescribed procedure.

appropriately qualified
, in relation to the carrying out of a prescribed procedure, means:

(a) having suitable professional qualifications or experience to carry out the prescribed procedure; or

(b) qualified under the regulations to carry out the prescribed procedure.

Commonwealth offence

(a) an offence against a law of the Commonwealth, other than an offence that is a service offence for the purposes of the Defence Force Discipline Act 1982 ; or

(b) a State offence that has a federal aspect.

investigating official

(a) a member or special member of the Australian Federal Police; or

(b) a member of the police force of a State or Territory; or

(c) a person who holds an office the functions of which include the investigation of Commonwealth offences and who is empowered by a law of the Commonwealth because of the holding of that office to make arrests in respect of such offences.

prescribed procedure
means a procedure specified by regulations made for the purposes of subsection (2) to be a prescribed procedure for determining a person ' s age.


The regulations may specify a particular procedure to be a prescribed procedure for determining a person ' s age.

a procedure prescribed for the purposes of subsection (2):

(a) may involve the operation of particular equipment that is specified for the purpose; and

(b) must require that equipment to be operated by an appropriately qualified person.

Before the Governor-General makes a regulation for the purposes of subsection (2), the Minister must consult with the Minister responsible for the administration of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 .

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