Part IAAB - Monitoring of compliance with control orders etc.  

Division 7 - Extension of periods in which things secured  

SECTION 3ZZQA   Extension of periods in which things secured  


This section applies if a constable applies to an issuing officer under subsection 3ZZKD(5) for an extension of the period during which a thing may be secured. Granting extension

The issuing officer may, by order, grant an extension of the period if the issuing officer is satisfied, by information on oath or affirmation, that it is necessary to secure the thing to ensure that relevant data is not destroyed, altered or otherwise interfered with.

The issuing officer must not grant the extension unless the constable or some other person has given to the issuing officer, either orally or by affidavit, such further information (if any) as the issuing officer requires concerning the grounds on which the extension is being sought. Content of order

The order extending the period must:

(a) describe the thing to which the order relates; and

(b) state the period for which the extension is granted; and

(c) state that the order is made under this section; and

(d) state that the constable is authorised to secure the thing for that period.

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