Part IAAB - Monitoring of compliance with control orders etc.  

Division 11 - Inspections by Ombudsman  

SECTION 3ZZUH   Annual report  

The Ombudsman must, as soon as practicable after the end of each financial year, prepare and give to the Minister a report on the results of any inspections under section 3ZZUB in the year.


The report is included in a report under section 104.29 of the Criminal Code .

The report must include the number of contraventions by the Australian Federal Police and members and special members of the Australian Federal Police of the provisions of:

(a) this Part; or

(b) monitoring warrants;

identified by the Ombudsman in the year.

The Ombudsman must give a copy of a report under this section to the Commissioner.

A report under this section must not include information which, if made public, could reasonably be expected to:

(a) endanger a person ' s safety; or

(b) prejudice an investigation, or prosecution, of an offence; or

(c) compromise the operational activities or methodologies of:

(i) the Australian Federal Police; or

(ii) any other Commonwealth, State, Territory or foreign law enforcement, intelligence or security agency.

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