Schedule - Form of explanation under section 23V  

Section 23V

When you were interviewed by, I/we made a record in writing of what you said, and what we said to you, in the interview. I/We made the record *at the time of the interview/*as soon as practicable after the interview. It is in *English/*the language that you used in the interview. I/We will give you a copy.

I am now going to read it to you in the language that you used in the interview.

You can interrupt the reading at any time if you think there is something wrong with the record. At the end of the reading you can tell me/us about anything else you think is wrong with the record, as well as the things you mentioned during the reading.

I/We will make a tape recording of reading the record and everything you say, or I/we say to you, during the reading and at the end. I/We will give you a copy of that tape recording and, if a transcript is made, a copy of that transcript.

*Delete whichever is not applicable.

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