Income Tax Assessment Act 1936


Division 9A - Offshore banking units  

Subdivision A - Object and simplified outline  


121B(1)   Scope of section.  

The following is a simplified outline of the Division.

121B(2)   Main concepts.  

Subdivision B sets out the concepts used in the Division, the most important being:


OB activity (sections 121D , 121EA and 121EAA ) together with the related definition of offshore person (section 121E ); and


special income and allowable deduction definitions relating to OB activities (sections 121EDA to 121EF ).

121B(3)   Operative provisions.  

Subdivision C contains the operative provisions. Basically, they provide as follows:

(a) (Repealed by No 110 of 2021)

(b) (Repealed by No 110 of 2021)

(c) (Repealed by No 143 of 2007 )


income from OB activities is taken to be Australian sourced;

(e)  a deemed interest penalty applies to equity provided by an OBU's resident owner;

(f)  income of OBU offshore investment trusts is exempt from tax;


income derived by overseas charitable institutions from OBUs is exempt from tax;


certain adjustments are made to the capital gains and losses that flow from disposals of certain interests in trusts of which an OBU is the trustee.

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