Income Tax Assessment Act 1936



Subject to subsection (2), for the purposes of this section:

(a) expressions used in this section that are also used in Division 16E of Part III have the same respective meanings as in that Division; and

(b) sections 159GV (other than subsection 159GV(2) ) and 159GZ apply as if references in those sections to " this Division " were references to " section 265B " .

Subsection (1) applies as if paragraph (c) of the definition of " qualifying security " in subsection 159GP(1) were omitted.


The holder of a security may apply at any time to the issuer for a notice under this section in relation to the security.

Where the issuer of a security receives an application under subsection (3) in relation to the security, the issuer shall within 21 days of receipt of the application issue a notice in writing to the applicant, expressed to be issued under this section and identifying the security, that states that the notice was issued at a specified time on a specified date and:

(a) where the security is not a qualifying security - that the security is not a qualifying security; or

(b) where the security is a qualifying security - that -

(i) the security is a qualifying security;

(ii) the security was issued for a specified consideration;

(iii) where the security was partially redeemed on one or more occasions before the time of issue of the notice - that the security was partially redeemed by a specified amount or amounts on a specified date or dates; and

(iv) where the security was varied to become a qualifying security - the security was varied, for a specified consideration, to become a qualifying security.

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