Banking Act 1959

Part IIAA - The Banking Executive Accountability Regime  

Division 5 - Notification obligations  

SECTION 37FB   Accountability map  

For the purposes of paragraph 37F(1)(b) , an accountability map of an ADI must contain the following information:

(a) the names of all of the accountable persons of the ADI and its subsidiaries;

(b) details of the reporting lines and lines of responsibility of those accountable persons;

(c) sufficient information to identify an accountable person for each of the responsibilities to which paragraph 37D(1)(a) applies or subsection 37D(3) applies, as the case requires;

(d) information of a kind determined by APRA under subsection (2).

APRA may, by legislative instrument, determine kinds of information for the purposes of paragraph (1)(d).

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