Banking Act 1959

Part VIII - Powers of APRA  

Division 2 - Examinations  

SECTION 61E   Who may be present at examinations  

The examination must take place in private.

The following people may be present at the examination:

(a) the investigator;

(b) the examinee;

(c) the examinee ' s lawyer;

(d) an APRA staff member approved by APRA to be present;

(e) a person directed by the investigator to be present.

A person commits an offence if the person:

(a) is present at an examination; and

(b) is not a person mentioned in subsection (2).

Penalty: 30 penalty units.

The examinee ' s lawyer may, at such times during the examination as the investigator determines, address the investigator and examine the examinee about matters about which the investigator has examined the examinee.

The investigator may require a person to stop addressing the investigator or examining the examinee if, in the investigator ' s opinion, the person is trying to obstruct the examination by exercising rights under subsection (4).


Failure to comply with a requirement made under this subsection is an offence (see section 61G ).

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