Banking Act 1959

Part VIII - Powers of APRA  

Division 2 - Examinations  

SECTION 61F   Record of examination  

Written record of statements

The investigator must cause a written record (including a transcript of an audio, or audio-visual, recording) to be made of statements made at the examination.

The investigator may require the examinee to read the written record, or to have it read to him or her, and may require him or her to sign it.


Failure to comply with a requirement made under this subsection is an offence (see section 61G ).

Copies of record

The investigator must give a copy of a written record to the examinee, without charge, but subject to such conditions (if any) as the investigator imposes. Use of copies

If the investigator gives a copy of a written record to a person under subsection (3) subject to conditions, the person, or any other person who has possession, custody or control of the copy or a copy of it, must comply with the conditions.

Penalty: Imprisonment for 6 months.

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