Banking Act 1959

Part VIII - Powers of APRA  

Division 3 - Evidentiary use of certain material  

SECTION 61J   Statements made at an examination - other proceedings  

Admissibility of absent witness evidence

If direct evidence by a person (the absent witness ) of a matter would be admissible in a proceeding, a statement that the absent witness made at an examination of the absent witness and that tends to establish that matter is admissible in the proceedings as evidence of that matter in accordance with subsection (2). Requirement for admissibility

The statement is admissible:

(a) if it appears to the court or tribunal that:

(i) the absent witness is dead or is unfit, because of physical or mental incapacity, to attend as a witness;

(ii) the absent witness is outside the State or Territory in which the proceeding is being heard and it is not reasonably practicable to secure his or her attendance; or

(iii) all reasonable steps have been taken to find the absent witness but he or she cannot be found; or

(b) if it does not so appear to the court or tribunal - unless another party to the proceeding requires the party tendering evidence of the statement to call the absent witness as a witness in the proceeding and the tendering party does not so call the absent witness.

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