Bankruptcy Act 1966


Division 4B - Contribution by bankrupt and recovery of property  

Subdivision H - When contribution payable  


139ZG(1)   [Trustee to determine when paid]  

Subject to subsection 139ZI(3) , a contribution that a person is liable to pay under subsection 139P(1) or 139Q(1) is payable at such time as the trustee determines or, if the trustee permits the contribution to be paid by instalments, at such times and in such amounts as the trustee determines.

139ZG(2)   [Factors not affecting liability to pay]  

The liability of a person to pay a contribution under subsection 139P(1) or 139Q(1) is not affected by:

(a) the making of an application by the person to the trustee under subsection 139T(1) ; or

(b) the making by the person of a request to the Inspector-General for a review of the decision of the trustee to make the assessment that gave rise to the liability; or

(c) the making of an application to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for review of the decision of the Inspector-General.

139ZG(3)   [Recovery of unpaid contributions or instalments]  

The total of any contributions or instalments that are not paid by the bankrupt is recoverable by the trustee as a debt due to the estate of the bankrupt.

139ZG(4)   [Certificate setting out debt]  

The trustee may, in connection with proceedings to recover the debt:

(a) sign a certificate setting out the nature and the amount of the debt; and

(b) file the certificate in the court in which the proceedings have been instituted.

139ZG(5)   [Certificate prima facie evidence]  

In such proceedings, the certificate is prima facie evidence of the existence of the debt and the amount of the debt.

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