Bankruptcy Act 1966


Division 1 - Proof of debts  


91(1)   [Redemption of security]  

Where a secured creditor has lodged a proof of debt in respect of the balance due after deducting the estimated value of his or her security, the trustee may at any time redeem the security on payment to the creditor of the value at which it has been estimated by the creditor.

91(2)   [Sale where trustee dissatisfied with estimate]  

If the trustee is dissatisfied with the value at which a security has been estimated by a creditor, he or she may require the property comprised in the security to be offered for sale at such times and on such terms and conditions as are agreed on by the creditor and the trustee.

91(3)   [Purchase by trustee at auction]  

If any such property is offered for sale by public auction, the creditor, or the trustee on behalf of the estate is entitled to bid for, and purchase, the property.

91(4)   [Notice of election]  

The creditor may at any time, by notice in writing, require the trustee to elect whether he or she will, or will not, exercise his or her power of redeeming the security or of requiring it to be realized and if the trustee does not, within 3 months after receiving the notice, notify the creditor, in writing that he or she elects to exercise the power:

(a) he or she is not entitled to exercise it;

(b) subject to subsection (5), any equity of redemption or other interest in the property comprised in the security that is vested in the trustee vests in the creditor; and

(c) the amount of the creditor ' s debt shall, for the purposes of this Division, be deemed to be reduced by the amount at which the creditor has estimated the value of the security.

91(5)   [Vesting subject to transmission]  

The vesting of an equity of redemption or other interest in property by virtue of paragraph (4)(b) is subject to compliance with any law of the Commonwealth or of a State or Territory of the Commonwealth requiring the transmission of such interests in property to be registered.

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