Freedom of Information Act 1982


Division 2 - Information to be published  

SECTION 8D   Information to be published - how (and to whom) information is to be published  


An agency must publish information that is required or permitted to be published under this Part in accordance with this section.

How (and to whom) information is to be published

The agency must publish the information:

(a) to members of the public generally; and

(b) if the agency considers that it is appropriate to do so - to particular classes of persons or entities.

The agency must publish the information on a website by:

(a) making the information available for downloading from the website; or

(b) publishing on the website a link to another website, from which the information can be downloaded; or

(c) publishing on the website other details of how the information may be obtained.


The agency may impose a charge on a person for accessing the information only if:

(a) the person does not directly access the information by downloading it from the website (or another website); and

(b) the charge is to reimburse the agency for specific incidental costs, or other specific incidental costs, incurred in giving the person access to that particular information.

If there is a charge for accessing the information, the agency must publish details of the charge in the same way as the information is published under this section.

Note 1:

The agency must have regard to the objects of this Act and guidelines issued by the Information Commissioner in performing functions, and exercising powers, under this section (see section 9A .

Note 2:

After access is given to a document under Part III (access to documents) in accordance with a request, the agency must publish the accessed document to members of the public generally in the same way as described in this section (although certain exceptions apply) (see section 11C ).

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