Criminal Code Act 1995

Schedule - The Criminal Code  

Section 3


Part 5.3 - Terrorism  

Division 104 - Control orders  

Subdivision D - Confirming an interim control order  

SECTION 104.15   When a declaration, or a revocation, variation or confirmation of a control order, is in force  

If the court declares the interim control order to be void under section 104.14 , the order is taken never to have been in force.

If the court revokes the interim control order under section 104.14 , the order ceases to be in force when the court revokes the order.

If the court confirms the interim control order (with or without variation) under section 104.14 then:

(a) the interim control order ceases to be in force; and

(b) the confirmed control order begins to be in force;

when the court makes a corresponding order under section 104.16

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