Criminal Code Act 1995

Schedule - The Criminal Code  

Section 3


Part 7.2 - Theft and other property offences  

Division 131 - Theft  

SECTION 131.4   Theft of land or things forming part of land  

For the purposes of this Division, a person cannot commit theft of land, except in the following cases:

(a) the case where the person appropriates anything forming part of the land by severing it or causing it to be severed;

(b) the case where:

(i) the person is a trustee or personal representative, or is authorised (by power of attorney, as liquidator of a company or otherwise) to sell or dispose of land belonging to another; and

(ii) the person appropriates the land, or anything forming part of it, by dealing with it in breach of the confidence reposed in the person.

For the purposes of this section, land does not include incorporeal hereditaments.

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