Criminal Code Act 1995

Schedule - The Criminal Code  

Section 3


Part 9.1 - Serious drug offences  

Division 301 - Serious drugs and precursors  

Subdivision B - Serious drugs and precursors: commercial, marketable and trafficable quantities  

SECTION 301.12   301.12   Meaning of trafficable quantity  
For the purposes of this Part, a trafficable quantity of a controlled drug or a controlled plant is a quantity not less than that provided by the following table:

Trafficable quantities of controlled drugs and plants
Item Controlled drug or plant Trafficable quantity (minimum)
1 A controlled drug (other than a drug analogue) or a controlled plant Either:
(a) the quantity listed as a trafficable quantity of the drug or plant in a regulation made for the purposes of this section; or
(b) the quantity determined as a trafficable quantity of the drug or plant by the AFP Minister under section 301.15 (which deals with emergency determinations of quantities).
2 A drug analogue of 1 or more listed controlled drugs Either:
(a) for a drug analogue of a single listed controlled drug - the trafficable quantity of the listed drug; or
(b) for a drug analogue of 2 or more listed controlled drugs - the smallest trafficable quantity of any of the listed drugs.


A drug analogue of a listed controlled drug is itself a controlled drug (see paragraph 301.1(b) and the definition of drug analogue in section 301.9 ).

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