Criminal Code Act 1995

Schedule - The Criminal Code  

Section 3


Part 9.6 - Contamination of goods  

SECTION 380.1   Definitions  

In this Part:

constitutional trade and commerce
means trade and commerce:

(a) with other countries; or

(b) among the States; or

(c) between a State and a Territory; or

(d) between 2 Territories.

goods includes:

(a) interfere with the goods; or

(b) make it appear that the goods have been contaminated or interfered with.

includes any substance:

(a) whether or not for human consumption; and

(b) whether natural or manufactured; and

(c) whether or not incorporated or mixed with other goods.

A reference in this Part to economic loss caused through public awareness of the contamination of goods includes a reference to economic loss caused through:

(a) members of the public not purchasing or using those goods or similar things; or

(b) steps taken to avoid public alarm or anxiety or to avoid harm to members of the public.

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