Criminal Code Act 1995

Schedule - The Criminal Code  

Section 3


Part 5.1 - Treason and related offences  

Division 82 - Sabotage  

Subdivision A - Preliminary  

SECTION 82.1   82.1   Definitions  
In this Division:

: conduct will not advantage the national security of a foreign country if the conduct will advantage Australia ' s national security to an equivalent extent.

damage to public infrastructure
: conduct results in damage to public infrastructure if any of the following paragraphs apply in relation to public infrastructure:

(a) the conduct destroys it or results in its destruction;

(b) the conduct involves interfering with it, or abandoning it, resulting in it being lost or rendered unserviceable;

(c) the conduct results in it suffering a loss of function or becoming unsafe or unfit for its purpose;

(d) the conduct limits or prevents access to it or any part of it by persons who are ordinarily entitled to access it or that part of it;

(e) the conduct results in it or any part of it becoming defective or being contaminated;

(f) the conduct significantly degrades its quality;

(g) if it is an electronic system - the conduct seriously disrupts it.

foreign principal
has the meaning given by section 90.2 .

national security
has the meaning given by section 90.4 .

: embarrassment alone is not sufficient to prejudice Australia ' s national security.

public infrastructure
: see section 82.2 .

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