Criminal Code Act 1995

Schedule - The Criminal Code  

Section 3


Part 5.2 - Espionage and related offences  

Division 90 - Preliminary  

SECTION 90.4   Definition of national security  

The national security of Australia or a foreign country means any of the following:

(a) the defence of the country;

(b) the protection of the country or any part of it, or the people of the country or any part of it, from activities covered by subsection (2);

(c) the protection of the integrity of the country ' s territory and borders from serious threats;

(d) the carrying out of the country ' s responsibilities to any other country in relation to the matter mentioned in paragraph (c) or an activity covered by subsection (2);

(e) the country ' s political, military or economic relations with another country or other countries.

For the purposes of subsection (1), this subsection covers the following activities relating to a country, whether or not directed from, or committed within, the country:

(a) espionage;

(b) sabotage;

(c) terrorism;

(d) political violence;

(e) activities intended and likely to obstruct, hinder or interfere with the performance by the country ' s defence force of its functions or with the carrying out of other activities by or for the country for the purposes of its defence or safety;

(f) foreign interference.

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