Income Tax Assessment Act 1997



Division 293 - Sustaining the superannuation contribution concession  

Subdivision 293-E - Modifications for constitutionally protected State higher level office holders  

Operative provisions

SECTION 293-160   Salary packaged contributions  

A contribution made to a * complying superannuation plan in respect of an individual is covered by this section if it is made because the individual agreed with an entity, or an * associate of an entity:

(a) for the contribution to be made; and

(b) in return, for the * withholding payments covered by subsection (2) that are to be made to the individual by the entity to be reduced (including to nil).

This subsection covers a * withholding payment covered by any of the provisions in Schedule 1 to the Taxation Administration Act 1953 listed in the table.

Withholding payments covered
Item Provision Subject matter
1 Section 12-35 Payment to employee
2 Section 12-40 Payment to company director
3 Section 12-45 Payment to office holder
4 Section 12-55 Voluntary agreement to withhold
5 Section 12-60 Payment under labour hire arrangement, or specified by regulations

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