A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999

Chapter 2 - The basic rules  

Part 2-4 - Net amounts and adjustments  

Division 19 - Adjustment events  

Subdivision 19-C - Adjustments for acquisitions  

19-99   Special rules relating to adjustment events  

Chapter 4 contains special rules relating to * adjustment events in particular cases, as follows:

Checklist of special rules
Item For this case ... See:
1AA Compulsory third party schemes Division 79
1AB Excess GST and cancelled supplies Division 142
1A GST religious groups Division 49
1 Insurance Division 78
2 Non-deductible expenses Division 69
2A Providing additional consideration under gross-up clauses Division 133
3 Settlement sharing arrangements Division 80
4 Third party payments Division 134

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