A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999

Schedule 2 - Beverages that are GST-free  

Note 1:

See section 38-3 .

Note 2:

The second column of the table is not operative (see section 182-15 ).

1   1   Beverages that are GST-free  
* Beverages specified in the third column of the table are GST-free.

Beverages that are GST-free
Item Category Beverages
1 Milk products any of the following products:
(a)   milk, skim milk or buttermilk
    (whether liquid, powdered,
    concentrated or condensed);
(b)   casein;
(c)   whey, whey powder or whey paste
2 *beverages consisting of products referred to in item 1 (or a combination of those products), to the extent of at least 95%, but not including flavoured beverages
3 lactose
4 Soy milk and rice milk *beverages consisting principally of soy milk or rice milk, but not including flavoured beverages
5 Tea, coffee etc. tea (including herbal tea, fruit tea, ginseng tea and other similar *beverage preparations), coffee and coffee essence, chicory and chicory essence, and malt
6 malt extract, if it is marketed principally for drinking purposes
7 preparations for drinking purposes that are marketed principally as tea preparations, coffee preparations, or preparations for malted *beverages
8 preparations marketed principally as substitutes for preparations covered by item 6 or 7
9 dry preparations marketed for the purpose of flavouring milk
10 Fruit and vegetable juices concentrates for making non-alcoholic *beverages, if the concentrates consist of at least 90% by volume of juices of fruits
11 non-alcoholic carbonated *beverages, if they consist wholly of juices of fruits or vegetables
12 non-alcoholic non-carbonated *beverages, if they consist of at least 90% by volume of juices of fruits or vegetables
13 Beverages for infants or invalids *beverages, and ingredients for beverages, of a kind marketed principally as *food for infants or invalids
14 Water natural water, non-carbonated and without any other additives

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