Superannuation Legislation Amendment Act (No. 2) 1999 (96 of 1999)

Schedule 1   Amendment of the Small Superannuation Accounts Act 1995

10   At the end of section 64


(6) For the purposes of subparagraph (1)(b)(ii), if an individual obtains evidence covered by subparagraph (1)(c)(i), the individual is, subject to evidence to the contrary, to be taken to have continued to have received the Commonwealth income support payment concerned for 21 days after the date of the written evidence.

(7) In this section:

Commonwealth income support payment means:

(a) any of the following payments (as defined in section 23 of the Social Security Act 1991):

(i) a social security benefit (other than an austudy payment or a youth allowance paid to a person who is undertaking full-time study);

(ii) a social security pension;

(iii) a service pension;

(iv) an income support supplement; or

(b) a drought relief payment under the Farm Household Support Act 1992 as in force immediately before the commencement of the Farm Household Support Amendment (Restart and Exceptional Circumstances) Act 1997; or

(c) an exceptional circumstances relief payment under the Farm Household Support Act 1992; or

(d) a payment of salary or wages made under the employment scheme of the Commonwealth that is known as the Community Development Employment Projects Scheme; or

(e) any other payment prescribed for the purposes of this definition.