Indirect Tax Legislation Amendment Act 2000 (92 of 2000)

Schedule 11   Other amendments

A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999

11D   At the end of Division 114


114-25 Warehoused goods entered for home consumption by an entity other than the importer

(1) If you enter for home consumption (within the meaning of the Customs Act 1901) goods that are warehoused goods (within the meaning of that Act) and that were imported by another person:

(a) you are treated, for the purposes of Division 15, as having imported the goods; and

(b) the extent (if any) to which you entered the goods for home consumption for a *creditable purpose is treated as the extent (if any) to which you imported the goods for a creditable purpose.

(2) This section has effect despite Division 15 (which is about creditable importations).