Petroleum (Timor Sea Treaty) Act 2003

Schedule 1 - Timor Sea Treaty  

Note: This is the copy of the Treaty referred to in the definition of Treaty in subsection 5(1) of this Act.


Annex C under Article 6(b)(v) of this Treaty  

Powers and Functions of the Designated Authority

The powers and functions of the Designated Authority shall include:

  • (a) day-to-day management and regulation of petroleum activities in accordance with this Treaty and any instruments made or entered into under this Treaty, including directions given by the Joint Commission;
  • (b) preparation of annual estimates of income and expenditure of the Designated Authority for submission to the Joint Commission. Any expenditure shall only be made in accordance with estimates approved by the Joint Commission or otherwise in accordance with regulations and procedures approved by the Joint Commission;
  • (c) preparation of annual reports for submission to the Joint Commission;
  • (d) requesting assistance from the appropriate Australian and East Timor authorities consistent with this Treaty
  • i. for search and rescue operations in the JPDA;
  • ii. in the event of a terrorist threat to the vessels and structures engaged in petroleum operations in the JPDA; and
  • iii. for air traffic services in the JPDA;
  • (e) requesting assistance with pollution prevention measures, equipment and procedures from the appropriate Australian and East Timor authorities or other bodies or persons;
  • (f) establishment of safety zones and restricted zones, consistent with international law, to ensure the safety of navigation and petroleum operations;
  • (g) controlling movements into, within and out of the JPDA of vessels, aircraft, structures and other equipment employed in exploration for and exploitation of petroleum resources in a manner consistent with international law; and, subject to Article 15, authorising the entry of employees of contractors and their subcontractors and other persons into the JPDA;
  • (h) issuing regulations and giving directions under this Treaty on all matters related to the supervision and control of petroleum activities including on health, safety, environmental protection and assessments and work practices, pursuant to the Petroleum Mining Code; and
  • (i) such other powers and functions as may be identified in other Annexes to this Treaty or as may be conferred on it by the Joint Commission.

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