Petroleum (Timor Sea Treaty) Act 2003

Schedule 1 - Timor Sea Treaty  

Note: This is the copy of the Treaty referred to in the definition of Treaty in subsection 5(1) of this Act.


ARTICLE 23   Settlement of Disputes  

(a) With the exception of disputes falling within the scope of the taxation code referred to in Article 13(b) of this Treaty and which shall be settled in accordance with that code, any dispute concerning the interpretation or application of this Treaty shall, as far as possible, be settled by consultation or negotiation.

(b) Any dispute which is not settled in the manner set out in paragraph (a) and any unresolved matter relating to the operation of this Treaty under Article 6(d)(ii) shall, at the request of either Australia or East Timor, be submitted to an arbitral tribunal in accordance with the procedure set out in Annex B.

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