Petroleum (Timor Sea Treaty) Act 2003

Schedule 1 - Timor Sea Treaty  

Note: This is the copy of the Treaty referred to in the definition of Treaty in subsection 5(1) of this Act.


ARTICLE 5   Fiscal arrangements and taxes  
Fiscal arrangements and taxes shall be dealt with in the following manner:

(a) Unless a fiscal scheme is otherwise provided for in this Treaty:

i. Australia and East Timor shall make every possible effort to agree on a joint fiscal scheme for each petroleum project in the JPDA.

ii. If Australia and East Timor fail to reach agreement on a joint fiscal scheme referred to in sub-paragraph (i), they shall jointly appoint an independent expert to recommend an appropriate joint fiscal scheme to apply to the petroleum project concerned.

iii. If either Australia or East Timor does not agree to the joint fiscal scheme recommended by the independent expert, Australia and East Timor may each separately impose their own fiscal scheme on their proportion of the production of the project as calculated in accordance with the formula contained in Article 4 of this Treaty.

iv. If Australia and East Timor agree on a joint fiscal scheme pursuant to this Article, neither Australia nor East Timor may during the life of the project vary that scheme except by mutual agreement between Australia and East Timor.

(b) Consistent with the formula contained in Article 4 of this Treaty, Australia and East Timor may, in accordance with their respective laws and the taxation code, impose taxes on their share of the revenue from petroleum activities in the JPDA and relating to activities referred to in Article 13 of this Treaty.

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