Legislation Act 2003

Chapter 2 - Registration of Acts, legislative instruments and notifiable instruments  

Part 2 - Compilations  

Division 2 - Registration of compilations  

SECTION 15P   Registered compilations - information requirements  

Without limiting the information that a registered compilation of an Act, legislative instrument or notifiable instrument (the principal law ) may include, the registered compilation must include the following information:

(a) the compilation date;

(b) if any editorial changes are made in preparing the compilation - a statement that editorial changes have been made and a brief outline of the changes in general terms;

(c) details (including commencement details) of any Act or instrument that amends the principal law;

(d) the amendment history of provisions of the principal law;

(e) any further information prescribed by the rules.

However, the information mentioned in any of paragraphs (1)(c) to (e) does not need to be included in the compilation if:

(a) the First Parliamentary Counsel is satisfied that the information mentioned in that paragraph is otherwise appropriately available on an approved website to users of the Federal Register of Legislation; and

(b) the compilation indicates in general terms how users of the Register may access that information on the approved website.

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