Legislation Act 2003

Chapter 3 - Legislative instruments and notifiable instruments  

Part 4 - Sunsetting of legislative instruments  

SECTION 48F   Simplified outline of this Part  

Legislative instruments are automatically repealed after a fixed period of time (subject to some exceptions). The automatic repeal is called sunsetting.

Generally, legislative instruments sunset on the first 1 April or 1 October on or after the tenth anniversary of their registration. The Attorney-General may (by legislative instrument) defer sunsetting in some circumstances.

The Attorney-General must arrange for the tabling in each House of Parliament of a list of legislative instruments that are due for sunsetting on the same day. The Office of Parliamentary Counsel must then arrange for each rule-maker to be given a copy of the list.

Either House of Parliament may resolve to continue in force a legislative instrument that would otherwise sunset.

A legislative instrument does not sunset if this Act or a regulation under this Act, or another Act, provides or has the effect that this Part does not apply to the instrument.

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