Legislation Act 2003

Chapter 3 - Legislative instruments and notifiable instruments  

Part 4 - Sunsetting of legislative instruments  

SECTION 52   Attorney-General must lay lists of instruments due for sunsetting before each House of the Parliament  


In this section:

list tabling day
, in relation to a sunsetting day and to a House of the Parliament, means the first sitting day of that House occurring within 18 months before that sunsetting day.

principal legislative instrument
(Repealed by No 135 of 2012)

sunsetting day
means the first possible day on which any legislative instrument will be repealed by the operation of this Part and each 1 April and 1 October occurring after that day.


The Attorney-General must arrange for the laying before each House of the Parliament, on each list tabling day in relation to that House, of a list of legislative instruments that will be repealed by section 50 , 51 or 51A on the sunsetting day to which that list tabling day relates.


As soon as practicable after the laying before either House of the Parliament of a list in accordance with subsection (2), the Office of Parliamentary Counsel must arrange for a copy of that list to be provided to the rule-maker responsible for each legislative instrument appearing on the list.

If subsection (2) requires the Attorney-General to arrange for the laying of a list of the kind referred to in that subsection before the Houses of the Parliament on different days, subsection (3) need only be complied with in relation to the earlier of those days.

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