Legislation Act 2003

Chapter 3 - Legislative instruments and notifiable instruments  

Part 4 - Sunsetting of legislative instruments  

SECTION 53   Resolution that instrument continue in force  


A legislative instrument that would otherwise be repealed on a day (the repeal day ) by section 50 , 51 or 51A continues in force, despite those sections, if:

(a) the instrument is mentioned in:

(i) a copy of a certificate under section 51 that is laid before a House of the Parliament in accordance with section 38 ; or

(ii) a list laid before a House of the Parliament under section 52 ; and

(b) the House indicates, by resolution passed before the repeal day, that the instrument should continue in force.

The legislative instrument continues in force, subject to:

(a) sections 50 , 51 and 51A , which apply to it after the passage of the resolution as if it were registered on the day on which it would have been repealed by section 50 , 51 or 51A apart from this section; and

(b) any later instrument amending or repealing it.


The legislative instrument is not required to be tabled again, and is not liable to disallowance again.

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